Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Post

Welcome to Hagy's Photography's Blog, the new spot on the web where we show off our latest shoots and share with you the images that catch our eye.

For those of you who may be new to Hagy's Photography, the business is run primarily by me, Bethany Hagy. My goal is to share my love of photography with you and to capture your special moments in photographs that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. I hope you'll let me share in your moments of happiness, from engagement portraits, bridal portraits and weddings to photographs of your newborn children all the way to their senior portraits.

It's been an exciting week for me. Two weeks ago, I was at a shoot celebrating a first birthday when my camera malfunctioned. And by malfunction, I mean seriously broke. The shutter gave out, forcing me to make a quick trip to Roanoke to find a new camera. I came home with a shiny new laptop and a Canon Rebel T3, which has 12 megapixels of photographic goodness and the capability to shoot 720p HD video. Video is something that I've never been able to offer before and I'm looking forward to exploring the possibilities of moving pictures.

While my husband, Josh, was able to test the camera out at a local football game on Friday night, this weekend was my first opportunity to take my new camera out for a spin and see what it can do. I'm pretty happy with the results, as you can see above. The photograph is a sneak peek at an engagement shoot I held Saturday at Douthat State Park for a young couple. Douthat is one of my favorite places to shoot and the rangers are constantly working to improve the setting. Saturday was the first time I'd been up there since they'd hung the "Almost There" sign and it was a perfect addition to my engagement shoot.

For those of you interested in the technical details, the photo was taken with a Canon Rebel T3, 1/500 at f/2.2 with an ISO of 400 and a focal length of 50mm.

On Sunday night, Josh and I made another trip to Roanoke. After dinner, we wandered around downtown for a little bit in order to test out the camera's night shooting ability. Josh learned the art of photography while working as a reporter and photographer for the Virginian Review and, oddly enough, he learned to shoot in the dark before he ever learned to shoot in broad daylight. We braved the traffic on Williamson Road with camera and tripod in hand and Josh came away with this photograph of the Taubman Museum of Art.

The museum probably has the most unique architecture of any building in Roanoke. You can see it from Williamson Road, which has just been cropped out of the bottom of this photograph. The interior lights painted the museum in surprising colors that you just don't get to see during the day. The sky was overcast, so the long exposure provided a uniform background for the city lights to bounce off of. I have to work early on Monday mornings, so we didn't spend much time walking around downtown Roanoke Sunday night, but I did see plenty of interesting photo opportunities that I hope to revisit later.

The museum shot was taken with a Canon Rebel T3 and was a 30-second exposure at f/9 at a focal length of 28mm.

Fall is coming up and it's my favorite season. I love to be outside and enjoy the cool autumn days and all the fun that comes with the season, from Halloween to corn mazes, all the way to Thanksgiving. It's also my favorite season to take photographs and I hope to have some great fall foliage shots to share with you soon. 

If you're interested in booking a shoot with me, be it for senior portraits, wedding-related or anything else you wish to have photographed, send me an e-mail at or call 540-968-1483. I work out of Clifton Forge, Virginia, and the surrounding areas and would enjoy the opportunity to work with you. You can also find Hagy's Photography on Facebook, where you will see more of my work there.

In the meantime, I have a lot of processing to catch up on and more photographs to take and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.

As always, all images on this blog are copyright of Hagy's Photography and may not be copied, printed or otherwise utilized without the express written permission of Bethany Hagy. 

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